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Perspective: challenge or opportunity?

Effective advocacy starts with the right perspective: ensuring others absorb our perspective and pushing ourselves to absorb the perspective of others. Failure to do so results in unmanageable risk, and has even toppled executives and elected officials. 

This is why Perspective Strategies exists. We are an integrated influence firm that transforms challenges into opportunities by combining strategic narratives with tactics that rebuild public perception, influence target audiences, and generate tangible returns.


1 - Get Perspective

A challenge that is understood is a challenge that can be solved. Discovery is imperative to our ability to create opportunity.

2 - Set Strategy

Strategy is central to any influence operation and perspective must inform the strategy to ensure the desired outcomes are accomplished.

3 - Create Influence

Influence is a verb. It must be planned, worked at, and created through a persuasive and compelling narrative where the story transforms public perception, influences action, and tactics that generate tangible returns.

Case study #1

Preserving Access to Home Sharing in One of the Fastest-Growing Travel Markets

Preserving Access to Home Sharing in One of the Fastest-Growing Travel Markets

Challenge: Havana, Cuba was the fastest growing home sharing market in the world, but the new Trump administration sought to reverse U.S. policy allowing American’s travel access to Cuba.

Solution: Our research process uncovered that home sharing in Cuba is operated the same as in the U.S., allowing the host to keep the revenue. This meant home sharing was an avenue to deliver money directly to Cuban citizens without it being filtered through the regime, and was a very potent narrative as U.S. policy intended to deny revenue to the regime.

Opportunity: A coordinated full-scale lobbying and education blitz to the White House, Administration and Congress was launched, educating them on the financial impact of home sharing to the regular Cuban citizens. This resulted in preserved travel to Cuba, but it also led to a requirement that all US citizens traveling to Cuba to stay in a home share.

Case study #2

Rebalanced an Entire Commodity Market

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Challenge: The EPA placed a regulatory burden on just two of the nation's five carbon black producers. This inequity resulted in significant market distortions and placed our client at a severe competitive disadvantage. 

Solution: We designed an influence program that brought pressure on the EPA from stakeholders, market participants, and Congress with a powerful narrative that this inequitable enforcement would result in plant closures, job losses and supply challenges and inflationary pressure if the inequalities were not corrected.

Opportunity: Due to the power of our narrative and effectiveness of our lobbying and strategy, in less than twelve months, the EPA leveled the playing field and applied the same regulatory requirement on the remaining three companies. In an unprecedented move – the EPA also amended and delayed our client’s timeline for implementation to achieve parity with the other producers.


We believe in targeted analytics

Create influence through targeted analytics

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Stephen Aaron, founder of Perspective Strategies


Stephen Aaron is the founder and CEO of Perspective Strategies. He is a public affairs strategist and influence expert with almost twenty years of experience in Washington D.C. transforming the most adverse challenges into opportunities.

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” - Atticus Finch

Stephen Aaron
Perspective Strategies